About Us

We are a small transportation company based in Tenyö near Györ, founded in 2018. The entire company is managed from our small but beautiful office at our site here. Anyone can do standard transportation – we specialise in transporting oversized goods! Even as a very young company, we have plenty of experience in handling this kind of transportation. Our state-of-the-art fleet consists of 9 DAF trucks with telescopic semi-trailers and 3 LOW-deck DAF trucks with mega tele-trailers. All of the vehicles are equipped with auxiliary air-conditioning systems and auxiliary heaters for the drivers.

Thanks to our proximity to the border with Austria, distance is not an issue for us!

We take the topic of cargo securing very seriously! We regularly exchange the cargo-securing material on our lorries when necessary. Each of our vehicles has enough tarpaulin sheets to cover the goods! But beware, there are still some open-topped trucks – we cannot guarantee 100% protection from the rain!

All of our vehicles are equipped with GPS systems, so we are always UP-TO-DATE on their location! We can tell you where your goods are with just one click!

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Our services

Special transportation is our speciality! Every job is carried out with the greatest care and precision! All permits required for transportation are available and will be checked or extended on time!



Have you got goods that don't fit on a "normal" lorry? We can transport lengths of up to 22 metres for you! From steel girders to laminated beams, rails and much more, just ask us!



We can transport goods up to a width of 3.5 metres! We even transport goods up to 3 metres wide with annual permits!



Three of our trucks are open mega trailers with ramps that can even be pulled out! This means that overlong and overwide goods up to 3 metres high can also be transported. Smaller tractors and diggers can drive onto our trailers by themselves!


Certain documents are necessary for every project! Download all documents here for a hassle-free transportation process! From EU licences to CMR confirmations!


We are always looking for motivated staff to drive our state-of-the-art vehicles across Europe! Would you like to transport special goods as part of a special team?
Please write to us using the contact form below!

Your area of responsibility

• Transporting oversized goods
• Driving a state-of-the-art truck
• Transportation around the EU

We provide

• A safe workplace
• Horizontal hierarchies
• Fair pay
• An informal, family-like atmosphere
• Regular home leave
• Experience in timetabling

We expect

• Individual responsibility
• Understanding of relevant laws
• Experience desirable, but not required